ALR-TACv4 Bipod

NZD $159.90NZD $179.90

Discover the ACCU Long Range ALR-TACv4 Bipod – your optimal choice for precision in competitive shooting, long-range marksmanship, and even extended hunting scenarios. Expertly crafted from carbon fiber and aluminum, this bipod ensures superior stability and durability. Boasting quick-deploy legs, a rapid quick-release system, and the innovative Leverlock Cant System, it guarantees precise control, delivering unmatched accuracy in a compact design. Elevate your shooting and long-range hunting experience with our premier bipod, setting new standards for precision and reliability.

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ACCU Long Range ALR-TACv4 Bipod
ALR-TACv4 Bipod
NZD $159.90NZD $179.90 Select options